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Who is in charge? In short, no one is.
The hive must have a queen in order to grow and survive. Since all worker bees are female, drones are the only way for the queen to have her eggs fertilized. Without them, a queen will not be able to create more workers, and the hive will not survive. Bees remind us that we all need each other and how deeply we are connected. Everyone has a role, and no one is more important than the other. In our hive, everyone has each other’s back.
We also believe that customers are a very important part of our team, without them, there is no Sweet Journey Honey Farm.
So, thank you to all our customers and welcome to our family.



He is very important to our team. He makes everything he does “look” easy, but without him- we would be lost. He is always trying to find a better way of doing things for business, a better way for our family, and a better way for our bees. When he is not with his bees, he enjoys reading and the outdoors.
My favorite thing about beekeeping?
A: Helping other people because it gives you a bit of a buzz (no pun intended) and to try and leave this world a little better than you found it. Just like honeybees, when we work together as a team, we all can be successful.
All people in agriculture and beekeeping need to support each other. Community over competition means “BEE-ing” kind to others and staying humble. When honeybees pollinate flowers, they don’t do it with the reward in mind. When a bee goes to a flower to gather nectar, it gives more than it takes. Flowers need pollen to survive, so the bee pollinates the flower as it gets the nectar. There are enough customers, enough honey, enough money, and enough love to go around. And when we are kind, we can build a community where everyone can succeed.
“Bee” who you are and “Bee” proud.
“Bee” the change you wish to see in the world.
Life is all about give and take. Give thanks and take nothing for granted. “Bee-ing” happy doesn’t mean you have it all, it means you appreciate it all.




Everyone knows the queen bee does not do any work. She just bosses all the other bees around, right? I wish. But I’m guilty of keeping us all busy- sometimes a little too much.
Well, one thing that my bees and I have in common is that we all love flowers! For me, sunflowers have always been special. I absolutely love sunflowers and a magical sunflower field. For me, sunflowers have always been special because my dad used to plant sunflowers for us. Alex came up with Sweet Journey Honey Farm because of our journey together and a reminder of hope and brighter days ahead. My favorite advice from a sunflower: “Bee” bright, sunny, and positive. Know your roots. Spread seeds of happiness.
Rise, shine and hold your head up high. Keep on growing. Even on the darkest days, stand tall and find the sunlight.




She is one busy bee!
I’m Reyana Douglass -your Sweet Journey Honey Farm behind the hives person! I am a wife and mother of two growing boys plus 2 dogs – my entire crew (including my dogs) have been honey consumers.
It’s been a lifelong journey to keep our health our main focus. My husband, Paul loves working in our yard and keeping up with our outdoor plants is his therapy in a way we can return the favor back to the bee clan, planting bee favored flowers is what we strive for during the Spring. Our favorite past pastimes are watching the birds, going for long walks, and exploring new restaurants in the area.
I love crafting and own a good number of indoor plants (yes, I am a plant Momma).
We magically do a lot of great things with our honey – we cook with it, mix it with our drinks & smoothies and even use it as a skin treatment incorporating it with honey, a couple drops of lemon and voila! We have a homemade scrub.
Please feel free to reach out to me if there’s anything you wish to know, see, or learn about bees and the liquid gold they produce. It is very fascinating and truly amazing! Enjoy the BUZZ!