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Sweet Journey Honey Farm is a family-owned business that is committed to supplying our consumers with the best raw and natural honey. Our company bottles and distributes the finest quality, pure and natural honey. Quality always comes FIRST. Our bees gather nectar from local flowers up in the mountains or countryside. Much of this area is far from noisy highways, pollution, and pesticides. Our bees are healthy and happy to live in peace and harmony with the nature around them.
We are very selective in where we get our honey and seek out only the BEST of the BEST honey. We partner with the best beekeepers that share the same values as we do and showcase their honeys. As beekeepers ourselves for over 30 years, we are dedicated to sharing our love for honey and spreading the knowledge and importance of bees.
A lot of teamwork, hard work, and love goes into every bottle. The distinct properties of each flower are what gives each honey variety a unique taste.
We also offer shipping for orders from anywhere in the United States.
Honey as gifts? Absolutely. It’s meant to “BEE” shared with the people you love. Giving honey as a present means taking care of others, by wishing health, beauty, and a sweet life. Try them all and let us know your favorite. Explore our website for all your honey needs!



I was raised in Dacula, Georgia. The best part about living in Dacula is that it’s small enough so that everyone feels like family. After graduating from Dacula High school, I went to Georgia State University. I then joined the military, and after I got out, my father suggested getting back into beekeeping since it requires being calm. Beekeeping really helped me – to slow down, be patient, “stay present” and to stop and “smell the roses.” I have been stung hundreds of times. At some point I stopped counting. Most forget that bees don’t want to sting anyone! It is their very last resort, because when a worker bee stings someone, the bee will die soon after.

Lessons learned from my dad: “Don’t stand in front of the hives – that’s where they go in and out. Don’t walk or move fast – stay calm. If you stay calm, they will too. The bees can sense your fear and anxiety, so you need to stay calm while you’re working in the hive. Their whole job is to protect the queen.” He also compared the hive to a family. “The queen runs the family just like the mother and takes care of the family. Drones are like the father, doing a lot of hard work but it’s ALL teamwork. There are a lot of great life lessons that bees teach us. Honeybees teach us to do our part and to work hard. Just like bees we are all in this together so help each other out- work together and learn from one another.